Sunday Outreach

The Sunday Outreach

It began as the practical outpouring of what we received from Soaking during service and from the lessons at Soakability School of the Supernatural (SSS). This is love in action, where we come into places where God meets us as we pray for people, anyone that we meet, be it for healing, for direction, for blessing. And this is where we witness our God move in power and wonder!

Soakability members now have outreach as part of DNA and daily lifestyle, not just as at an event or at a set time (though we still do this every weekend and now on weekdays too). When God opens the doors, He wants to shine and He’s looking for ordinary people to say yes!

Don’t wait for an outreach event. You are the OUTREACH EVENT where you are today.

(If you want to join us for Sunday outreach / learn how to do this confidently, come and connect with us in person at Soakability Service and get to know the outreach team leaders. There are currently two regular Sunday Outreach teams: Farrer Park and Chinatown)

Little India – Expressing God’s Love through the Supernatural (A Testimony)

Extending God’s healing power to the people around us and being God’s love wrapped in skin reaching out to their needs.

Every Sunday, a group of believers gather to reach out to pre-believers – mainly foreign workers. They pray for those needing healing or physical restoration, and are there to express God’s love through the supernatural, introducing Christ in an extraordinary way. This revivalist healing ministry is spearheaded by Pastor Jeff of Soakability and has been going on for at least four years.

We joined this outreach two years ago and have witnessed countless instances of instant healing. Since then, we have introduced others to this ministry. We are there to proclaim Jesus as the Healer and their Hope. The foreign workers came to receive, even testing their healing on the spot. They saw, they heard and they wanted a touch from Jesus.

Among those we witnessed were restoration of knee caps, shoulder collars and blades, finger joints, knuckles, arms, wrists, elbow, ankles, spines, upper and lower backs, heels and soles; healing of chest pains, headaches and toothaches, gastric pains; even bones in the throat gone, blurred vision restored, arms or legs aligning to the same length; all these were done either instantly or progressively. Praise God!


One of the healings that our group of six from Emmanuel Assembly of God will always remember is this long-distance healing that took place last year. This man came for prayer not only for himself but also for his mother in Bangladesh who was suffering from back pains. We prayed and asked the man to call and check with his mother. To our surprise, he made the call straightaway, and shared that his mother had no more back pain but now had pain in her knee. Again, we prayed and he called home. He came back this time, saying that his mother’s knee was healed and asked to pray for his wife who had backache. Again we prayed and he left. Later, he told us his wife was also healed.  Praise the Lord!

Our faith in Christ has increased since. We are more confident to flow in faith with the Holy Spirit in this area. Praying for the sick is becoming our lifestyle wherever it is needed. As our faith grows, we bring other believers (youths and carecells) to be active participants in this too. Right here, at Little India on home ground, you can partner the Holy Spirit, to witness instant healing and physical restoration. It becomes our hands-on training in expressing God’s love through the supernatural. It enables the community of faith to grow in faith.

There are opportunities to meet missionaries, foreign mission teams, and Christians from different denominations. Here, we are not known by our denominations. For the pre-believers, we are Jesus’ people as we proclaim ‘in Jesus’ Name’, ‘Jesus heals you’ and ‘Jesus loves you’. Unity in the body is very much evident here, helping one another to pray and learn. We learn and realise it is truly ‘not by power nor by might but by My Spirit’ (Zechariah 4:6.)

We are blessed by this ministry! Our faith grows and we continue to be a blessing to those around us. Would you also like to take a leap of faith to reveal the Christ in you? Awesome God! Amazing faith! To God be the glory!


By David and Amy Lim

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The above article is reproduced with permission from AG Times where it first appeared under issue 028 (Nov-Dec 2016).