Adventures in the Miraculous – Soak Living Room Jan 2021


Soak Living Room is back in January and we are expecting a year full of adventures and miracles with God!
And what better way to build that faith and anticipation than to remember the many amazing things that we have witnessed?
Yes, we are going to share stories and talk about the miracles and powerful moves of God that have blown us away and caused us to be in such awe and wonder.
And most of all, to be filled with that incredible unstoppable exhilaration and feeling of overwhelming thanksgiving to know God, how GREAT He is and how powerful it is that He loves us and wants to move in our lives again today!
Join us for a brand new season on Soak Living Room: Adventures in the Miraculous with our beloved brilliant bantering pastors of Soakability!
We’re now gonna liven up the week on Facebook LIVE on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS (no longer Thursdays)
Dates: 6, 13, 20, 27 January 2021 Wednesday 7:30pm
Soakability Church Facebook Live
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