Called to Creativity

“Do you think you are creative?”
In one global study where the participants were asked if they saw themselves as creative, only half of the participants from US responded yes, 36% in France and 19% in Japan, just to name a few. It is interesting that so few have the belief that we are born to be creative and some imagine that creativity is reserved for a special few.
Creativity is not just limited to dance, art, culinary interests, photography, doing creative work for a living or the pursuit of hobbyists. We believe that God-given creativity also encompasses creative solutions and innovation in the marketplaces, in governance, in growing families and in bringing solutions to any area of life and in the world!
How do we see God has already placed this within us? How can we see ourselves as the creatives that are made in God’s image and show His nature through beauty and wisdom that would bring inspiration, reconciliation, life and worship?
Join us for “Called to Creativity: Growing in the Glory of God’s Genius in You”
in the month of November, with Ps Jeff Yuen, Ps Patrick Loh and Ps Clement Sim in Soak Living Room.
“Called to Creativity: Growing in the Glory of God’s Genius in You”
Soak Living Room Online
5, 12, 19, 26 November 2020 Saturday 7:30pm SGT
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