Audio teachings from our topics taught at Soakability School of the Supernatural are available on our online school page Soakability School Online (SSO).

To access the audio teachings, please:

1) Create a free student account on Soakability School Online (SSO) and verify through the link sent to your email

2) Click “Enrol” on each topic if you wish to listen to the recorded lesson that has been uploaded after the class

3) Listen to the audio on that course topic page

*please note: registration is no longer required if you wish to attend the class on Thursdays at Soakability


How to Create a Free Student Account on Soakability School Online (SSO)



1) Click on

Click on the “You are not logged in (Log in)” at the top right hand corner of the page


1-SSO First Page with arrow to Log In


2) Fill in all the blanks.

You will have to choose a username of at least 8 characters and a password. You will use this username and password to log into your student account in future.

After filling in all the blanks, click “Create my new account”

2-Create new account



3) Go to your email account and look out for an email from “Joash Chee”

Click on that email from Joash Chee — Soakability School Online: account confirmation

3-Check email



4) Then click on the blue link to confirm your SSO student account

4-Verify email


5) This will take you back to the Soakability School Online main page.

You are already logged in and ready to enrol on your desired course / class.

5-Redirected to SSO



How to Enrol for a Course on Soakability School Online (SSO)


1) Go to


2) Log in with your user name and password




If you have forgotten your user name or password, please click on the blue link “Forgotten your user name or password?”

You will receive an email that will enable you to reset your password.

8-forgotten your password




4) After you have logged in, you will see the menu of available courses for you to enrol in.

5-Redirected to SSO



At anytime that you are lost, please click on Site Home on the left hand column to come back to the main menu.

7-Click on Site Home



5) Click on the course title that you want to enrol for


ie. to listen to the audio recording of the classes that have already been taught and the lessons have been uploaded

5-Redirected to SSO



6) Scroll to the bottom of the course page and click on the “Enrol Me” button

6-Enrol me




7) You will see “Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in this course!”

For lessons that have already been uploaded, just click on the link to listen to the audio lessons.

9-Listen to the audio