Revived and Ready!

It is no longer life as usual and and more than ever, we cannot settle for a bleak acceptance of a powerless existence!

All the more, the move of God is knocking louder on the doors of our hearts, and He is calling for willing vessels to keen towards Him, be filled with glory from close communion and become walking tents of revival!

You are His chosen channels, for blessing to rush into like torrential floods, to overflow and cover over the people who have been crying out for God and now you can bring that encounter and that invasion of blessing.

Will you be REVIVED? Will you be READY?

Join us for a power-packed new sermon series in our Saturday Soakability Service for 2021!

Dates: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Jan Saturdays 7:00pm

Soakability Church Facebook Live

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