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In this Healing course, you will learn that healing is simple, so much so that children can understand and move in healing. Discover the simplicity of moving in miracles, child-like faith and going after everything (pertaining to healing) that Jesus has paid for on the Cross!

You will also learn more advanced methods of healing like healing through words of knowledge. In this class, the minister appropriates healing by a word of knowledge of the pain area received through channels of feeling, seeing, reading the sentences and thoughts. Another advanced method will be healing through the seer realms, where the minister appropriates healing through his/her response to observations in the spiritual/angelic realms.

In each class, you will experience the different modes of healing for different situations. Be sure not to miss any session, as each class has its own unique activation, impartation and hands-on learning exercises.

"The covenants form the backbone of the Bible’s metanarrative and thus it is essential to ‘put them together’ correctly in order to discern accurately the whole counsel of God" quoted by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum, authors of 'Kingdom Through Covenant'

In this topic, we examine how the other covenants of God point to and help us embrace the New Covenant. Without grasping this bigger picture, one may not comprehend how God's love never changes nor realise the consistency of the Bible.

God is not the angry wrathful God in the Old Testament who suddenly becomes the loving God in the New Testament because of Jesus. This class will help to dispel some wrong beliefs and myths. You will gain stronger understanding of God's nature and love that never changes and know who you are in Christ, to live the victorious Christian life.

In this class, we will examine and discuss about the various factors that we believe are important for growing a Supernatural Culture such as:
and we will also talk about many of our experiences as a Soakability family and what we have learned from ministry partners and Kingdom Family that have helped us to grow in different areas in reaching and impacting the world around us for revival.

The Bible tells us that “By His stripes, we were healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)
That means that healing is a done-deal for all believers and we are meant to live in wholeness and divine health.
Yet in reality, many Christians struggle with chronic pain and disease, and do not see any improvement in their condition after receiving prayer over and over again.
Other Christians experience supernatural healing when they get prayed for, but yet they have problems retaining the healing. Weeks later, months later, the symptoms of the diesease return and they get sucked back into the same cycle of pain and misery.
In this course, we explore the key principles in Scripture to empower us to experience God’s healing power for ourselves so that we get healed and stay healed.
Some of the issues covered in the course include:
What causes pain and disease?
Why does it seem easier to heal others than to heal yourself?
Why do some people lose their healing overtime and how to prevent that.
How blockages in our souls causes blockages in our bodies
How to tap into God’s healing presence to heal yourself.

The keys to pulling heaven into our world. 

In this continuation of the Prophetic Masterclass, we will examine how God speaks to us through dreams and visions and other prophetic languages that may come across as mysterious.

Being able to understand the imagery, symbolism and response to different kinds of dreams would bring clarity and comfort to the recipients. Dreams and visions are often messages from God, God making Himself known to us or warning signs. We have also witnessed many situations where interpreting dreams and visions have brought people to have divine encounters with God!

Developing the Prophetic and Anointing in You

Why the Prophetic Masterclass is needed?

In all these years that we have been doing ministry, we realise that to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel, we must with urgency raise up God’s people as a strong prophetic community to release God’s heart, voice and His mighty power.

Experiencing the Father's Embrace

So many people long for a touch from God and the fact is God desires to touch each one of our lives! Not only does He want to touch you, He longs to hold you in His arms. In the same way that the father of the prodigal son rushed to the son to hold him in his embrace, our Father in Heaven is longing for us to turn towards Him, and see Him rushing towards us to wrap us in His loving arms.

This class "Experiencing the Father's Embrace" is not merely a theological concept. We will learn to awaken our spiritual senses to our Father's Presence and encounter Him in a very tangible way. We must truly know God's unconditional love and acceptance towards us, not just in our minds but in powerful defining experiences that change us. When we are changed in His love, we can change the world by His love.

“Unlocking Your Inheritance in Christ” is the next topic in Revivalist DNA Phase 2.

Come and let’s learn together about the power of the Gospel and how significant and totally transforming it is to us who understand, believe and live it out! In these sessions, we will embark on a deeper journey of seeing your identity through the eyes of Jesus, what you inherited from God and what you can do with it. We may revisit and revise certain topics previously taught before and present a new revelatory perspective on these themes.

The Inner Life at Soakability School of the Supernatural. In this new series we will be focusing on the character and the inner life of the believer, hence digging deep into our identity and our spiritual walk as a believer and a revivalist.

All of us still struggle with the burning question of who we are everyday. This series will cover that and there will be some exercises to lead you into an encounter with the Trinity. 

Revival. You have heard the call of God and you have said, “Yes, God! I want to bring Your revival power and change! Use me!” And after that exciting defining moment, your next thought is “But… how?”

You are not alone. There are many like you, who have wondered how to bridge the gap from here to that place of destiny.

How do we even begin to move in that kind of boldness, certainty, accuracy and confidence that we’ve seen our heroes of the faith move in?

How do we share the Gospel in a way that is enjoyable and effective?

How do we move to a position where Christianity is not merely an event, but a lifestyle that fulfils the Great Commission and disciples nations?

In this new exciting teaching series by Soakability School of the Supernatural, Revivalist DNA : The Essential Supernatural School Series is a comprehensive, practical and eye-opening series of classes to equip and empower you. It comprises of some Soakability favourites, like “Hearing God”, “Moving in the Prophetic” and “Healing”, plus new elements, topics and lessons from experience over the years in various fields and scenarios. We want to develop revivalists with the skills, identity, heart and character that represent God well and build God’s Kingdom & Family.

We encourage all to attend this course, whether as a beginner course, a refresher course or as further equipping for ministry. Revivalist DNA : The Essential Supernatural School Series is a 5-part school with classes once a week, from July to November 2018. It is open to public and by freewill offering.

We live in a broken world full of broken people living broken lives having broken hearts.
We live in a world that is surrounded with pain and we have been resigned with the fate that pain is part and parcel of our lives.

Jesus never promised that our lives be pain free. But He did promise that our lives do not have to be painful.

He promises to give us the oil of joy in place of our mourning, and the garment of praise in place of our heavy hearts. (Isaiah 61:3)

In “Healing the Heart”, we will be exploring the various issues of our hearts that are causing blockages that hinder us from moving forward. Be ready to enter the depths of your heart, begin healing from the pain of your past, and break free from repeated patterns of defeat. "Healing the Heart" will bring freedom and re-position you to experience life in a new way.

God has given to Singapore many prophetic words that about the greatest move and revival He is about to pour onto us, but are our hearts truly ready? Are we hungry and desperate enough for Him to move??

We have received much equipping and word, now let us position ourselves in such a way, with such hunger and yieldedness that the glory of God may come in and consume, transform and bless radically, utterly and completely. This may be unlike anything we have ever done before in SSS, but we know it's time. Come Holy Spirit!

Speaker Jeff Yuen shares his thoughts and downloads about 2018 is a significant year where the LORD is going to release a huge anointing for evangelism, not just in Singapore but worldwide.

We are going to explore beyond traditional ways of evangelism and discover:

- that "lifestyle evangelism” might not be what you thought it's supposed to be
- the use of prophetic evangelism
- creative expressions that bring the presence of God and open doors for evangelism
- and the various gifts of the Spirit in activation in evangelism... and more!

If you've ever wondered how to bring the gospel into your world and sphere of influence in the way that is "you” or in a fun, creative, "thinking-out-of-the-box” way, this is a good place to imagine, expand your horizons and become an effective, confident creative evangelist.

This course is adapted from Mark Geppert's book "The Attack Lambs: Prayer That Changes the World” and the principles in the Prayer Walking Seminar. It has been taught in hundreds of groups and churches to thousands of people in many nations over the last two decades.

Dick Eastman, International President of Every Home for Christ writes in the forward that this book "powerfully pictures the potential impact a gentle army of worshipping warriors can have on a lost and troubled world.” Dick describes the breakthrough in the Soviet Union in Chernobyl that his ministry realized after Mark's prayer there.

"My prayer life was dramatically changed after Mark Geppert introduced me to prayer walking ... this book will open your understanding to how you can maximize your prayer time to benefit the kingdom of God.” -Oleen Eagle, President, Cornerstone Television

"This book will shatter your paradigm of How effective prayer gets done.” -Dr. Jay Passavant, Senior Pastor, North Way Christian Community