Soak Living Room – Revival Chat Session ONLINE

Soak Living Room – Revival Chat Session

Date: 7:30pm Thursdays June 2020
Where: Online Streaming via Soakability Church Facebook Live

Join us for online Revival Chat Session at Soak Living Room this Thursday at 7.30pm! We will talk about various topics about supernatural ministry and lifestyle, share our experiences and pray for the sick! Live!

Soak Living Room – Revival Chat Session on Facebook Live

This will be a “seasonal special”, a new online format of our Soakability School of Supernatural.

*Please note that because of the heightened restrictions, there are no SSS classes at Legacy Centre till further notice. So we will see you online on Facebook Live at the same weekly timing.

So save the date and time and we look forward to having you join us at “Soak Living Room” on Thursday FB Live!

Topic of the Month at Soak Living Room Revival Chat Sessions:
Journey in the Prophetic: Activating Your Senses to Hear God’s Voice
Thursdays of June 2020
7:30pm GMT+8
Soakability Church Facebook Live
With Ps Jeff Yuen, Ps Patrick Loh and Ps Clement Sim
This month we will talk about the various ways God speaks to us through our senses. Paul in the Bible says our body is an instrument. A guitar in the hands of a joyful person will produce joyful music and the same guitar in the hands of a depressed person will create sad melodies. Do we yield our bodies as an instrument for God to release His melodies and words over us? Join us on Thursdays for these discoveries and we will teach you how to sense the voice of God  with some practical activations each week.
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