Soakability Services Resume in 2021

“And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

What a year it has been for all of us! Most of us, if not all of us, have been stretched hard. We’ve learnt to think out of the box, take courage and a stand in faith to trust God in the face of great need and stress. And we have learnt to give thanks in the midst of everything, sometimes with tears because of sacrifice and sometimes with wondrous amazement because of seeing God’s grace and love carrying us.

In the path of learning to adapt, we’ve made many wonderful discoveries and many new Kingdom friends with kindred heart and spirit, worshipping and loving God together with us, even in nations far away.

And with anticipation and joy, we’d like to announce that with Phase 3 of Singapore’s COVID-19 regulations beginning on 28 December 2020, we will be able to resume both physical Soakability services as well as our online streaming sometime in January 2021, without needing to compromise or cut out one important aspect of what gives Soakability its DNA: Live worship and unhurried soaking in God’s Presence.

We are thankful to God for bringing us to a new venue, ready for a new season and new Soaking experience. We will share more details soon! From all of us here at Soak, thank you for praying for us and may we continue to see God’s wonderful and powerful presence ignite revival in your lives, homes, work places and every place you tread!

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