The Teshuvah Workshop 10-11 April 2024

Soakability x Teshuvah presents:

The Teshuvah Workshop: a revolutionary and experiential workshop inspired by the Holy Spirit to help you find ALIGNMENT with God’s designed PURPOSE and DESTINY for YOU.
This ground-breaking, life-transforming course was developed by Ps Jeff Yuen together with the Teshuvah Group. It is a two day intensive workshop where participants would have hands-on experience in the various creative and intuitive activities with close facilitation and prayerful guidance.

Workshop Details:

– Date: 10 – 11 April 2024 Wednesday & Thursday
– Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm
– Venue: Mapex Building ,37 Jalan Pemimpin #05-15 Singapore 577177
– Fees: $150/ pax


To maximise impact and experience, we will only be accepting a very small number of participants, so as to guide every participant through the exercises and reflections.
Registration is only complete, after we have received your payment. We will send an email to confirm your seat.
For any enquiries on this Teshuvah Workshop, kindly email to

What the Teshuvah Workshop is designed for:

– To create a safe space for you to experience and hear God for yourself
– For you to discover yourself the way God sees you and created you with purpose as His gift to this world
– To help you see a broader perspective of what you carry… and what you should be letting go of
– To see people around you, in your past and your future in a new light and with Spirit-given confidence and intuition
– To receive strength and encouragement through creative exercises and discoveries
– To recognise how your talents, interests and dreams can lead you to your divinely-appointed sphere of influence
And many more amazing benefits

Some of the course topics and exercises you will be doing in this workshop:

• “Core Process”
• Potter and Clay
• Arts Encounters
• Loyal Soldier
• Metron
• “Perichoresis” Prophetic Enactment Activity Demonstration

This workshop is for you if you:

– Want to learn more about yourself through Holy Spirit revelation during the Teshuvah activities
– Want to experience a new level of personal freedom from limiting beliefs and past challenges, which will help you to grow in greater wholeness, joy and purpose
– Are open to discovering how God knows you and your life’s direction

Testimonies from participants:

– “The ‘Core Process’ activity crystallizes what I have been going about and striving for my whole life. I now have more clarity and knowing this helps me to find a greater sense of purpose, and strangely, to find rest within me.”
– “Discovering my ‘Core Process’ has helped me to come into alignment with God’s designed purpose for me and has brought me so much joy! It feels like puzzle pieces being put in the right places. As the Lord draws me into deeper intimacy, I have been able to hear His voice more clearly – and I love it! I also began to move more effectively in the gifts He has given me. Thank you Pastor Jeff and the Teshuvah team!”
– We have also received testimonies of how Teshuvah has helped to shift limiting mindsets, bring emotional healing and freedom from hurts and incidences in the past as well as give participants a safe space to hear God both for themselves as well as for others. Some participants have started to see previous situations or stakeholders with new eyes, confidence to take new risks and some have regained hope for their personal future.


Q: I have previously attended a SSS Teshuvah class held by Soakability. Is there any difference in this upcoming “The Teshuvah Workshop”?
A: The SSS was a “lite” version and devoted time to teachings and introductions to the various core topics. Activations were limited because of the time constraints and crowd size.
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