Ravah Conversations for Women

Ravah Conversations –
Online Sharing and Ministry To Refresh, Encourage and Strengthen God’s Daughters
With Tammy Teh Yuen and Chong Ching Ching

Date: 2 June 2020 Tuesday 7:30pm SGT
Soakability Church Facebook Live

Ravah רָוָה in Hebrew means to refresh, satiate, satisfy, have or drink one’s fill.

Why Ravah Conversations?

Recently Ching Ching and I were having a deep conversation and prayer time together and at the end of it, we were so wow-ed by how God came and met our needs in such a deep, satisfying and powerful way! And after that I happened to read Jeremiah 31:25 and there it was again! Ravah. There is a longing in every one of us and when we allow God to fill us to fullness, we realise that only in Him can we find that true and utter satisfaction in our souls and life!

We also talked about the battlefield in our mind that we wrestle with, daily, hourly even and this is not uncommon to many of our sisters. In the upcoming Ravah Conversations, we want to talk about the breakthroughs that God has revealed to us, examine some Scripture, share our heart as women and also pray for those online with us. Let’s see how it goes when Holy Spirit is with us in the conversation!

See you on Tuesday, we are excited!

Tammy & Ching Ching

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